Save chemical and create a unique experience with the Bubblizer Arch.

The Bubblizer Arch is designed to dispense foam onto the whole vehicle while using less chemical and able to rinse off easier. Optional custom graphics and LED light kit to illuminate the foam creates an eye attracting arch that will keep customer entertained and coming back for more. This stainless steel arch includes a stainless steel tank that holds the liquid above the car. Once a blower is turned on, the arch produces foam to dispense soap, wax or protectants all over the vehicle. 96” Clearance.

  • Stainless Steel arch with Stainless Steel tank
  • Bubblizer produces a wet bubbly foam that uses less chemical and easier to rinse off.
  • The Bubblizer includes tank that holds the liquid above the car and you simply turn on a blower to produce foam.
  • One size fits all with 96″ Clearance
  • Can be used to dispense soap, wax or protectants
  • Requires a 110v circuit from Tunnel controller to power up the blowers 15 amps

LED Light Colors Available:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Pack the most cleaning power with the Combo Water Wizard Arch!

The Hanna Combo Water Wizard Arch provides high pressure wheel washing as well as total vehicle coverage. The Combo unit utilizes Hanna’s exclusive spray head with multiple zero degree nozzles to deliver a concentrated blast of water. The Wheel Washer creates maximum impingement and maximizes dwell time through the use a rotating manifold that pivots to follow the front and rear tires. The top manifold oscillates left and right and the side manifold up and down scrubbing the complete vehicle surface. The combo unit is the ideal choice when conveyor space is limited.